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Turning Point Tutoring offers the best peer-to-peer tutoring in Northern Westchester. We offer highly qualified tutors from the Chappaqua, Byram Hills, and Fox Lane School Districts. 

About TPT


TPT works to connect our tutors with students in need of academic assistance. Our tutors are intimately familiar with the requisite coursework as well as the different teaching styles and coursework of each teacher. 


Our Tutors

Our tutors are the strongest students in their school districts. Not only is each tutor academically capable, but they have a unique ability to connect with other students and a passion for helping others achieve their scholastic goals. 


About Us

In a peer-to-peer instructional setting, our tutors are well positioned to serve clients in a highly effective manner. Having recently been enrolled in the relevant courses, our tutors are very familiar with the specific demands and nuances of the respective teachers within their individual school districts. As a result, your child is the beneficiary of the insight provided by this teaching dynamic. 

At Turning Point Tutoring we not only strive for excellence, but we try to make getting there enjoyable. Instead of the tense environment students are accustomed to while in class, we take the time and make the effort to get comfortable with our students while still maintaining a professional relationship. TPT is a small company, so our best advertisement is by word of mouth. In order for us to have had continued growth over the past ten years, our success was dependent upon the success of our students in achieving their goals. We work very hard at setting proper expectations, creating a comfortable atmosphere, and providing our students with all the tools necessary to thrive.


To book a tutor, please email us and leave your child's name, school district, subject(s) they wish to be tutored in, and available days. Optionally, you may specify which tutor you would prefer. 

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